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Like most, I grew up living a “normal life” without ever questioning what “normal” was.

Until one day life stopped me dead in my tracks 🛑

Eleven years ago, I was diagnosed with stage 4 Cancer & given 30 days to live. During the same 1-½ year period, I suffered catastrophic losses in my Career, Relationships, Finances, and Shattered Dreams, leading to Loss of Self-worth & Suicidal depression.

When my normality took a nosedive nothing that I had learned, nothing I had relied on to define myself, seemed to work anymore.

A personal pandemic! That felt endless...

I had to learn to Crawl, Walk & Run again in every aspect of life -- while taking it all in stride 🙃

Losing it all is a good place to Start & Facing Mortality is the best Motivator I have ever known.

Often, I get asked – “How did you beat the odds and still be so Happy & Successful?”

The answer is one word – TRANSFORMATION


That’s the Secret, the Shortcut, the Solution everyone is Craving 🎯

But not everyone survives to tell the tale of "going to Hell & Back”.

I come across countless stories of people who would have rather done life differently & wished they had that one last chance before leaving their families behind to deal with the aftermath.

And mind you, these are not just tales of Personal Breakdowns, but also of Deep-rooted Systemic Breakdown.

Individuals make up Organizations & the World at large, don’t they?

Words like Change & Transformation are too muddied, commercialized & vague to convey real meaning.

After a decade of firsthand Experimentation, using myself as a Guinea Pig -- Spending countless hours in Silence, Investing thousands of Dollars & Introspecting, Unlearning & Relearning.

Becoming a Sponge, Absorbing every possible Self-help & Healing Modality, interviewing Guests & Clients, working with numerous Individuals & Organizations -- I am happy to share that "Power of TRANSFORMATION" is real my friends, and can be fully Relied Upon.

Don’t wait for a Tragedy to hit or to be Rescued by big Political, Organizational, or Environmental Reform.

You as an Individual have the Power and once Unleashed anything is possible. I mean ANYTHING!

The time is NOW, to step out of the hamster wheel. TRANSFORM Yourself First.

Together we can TRANSFORM the World 😊


‘Well-being’ is not just the Absence of Illness or a Complaint. It’s a Byproduct of our Optimal Physical, Social, Financial, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Fitness. If we ignore “BEING”, nothing can be Well.


Well-being starts with Y-O-U being well.


And, needless to say -- Your/Employee Well-being is Organizational Well-being!

Today, after 20+ years of a successful corporate career, I share my Journey of Transformation as an ICF Certified Executive Leadership Performance Coach, Well-being Strategist, NSA Speaker, Podcast Host & Author of "BEING well to Leading Well™", Aug 2021.

I partner with International Executives, Rising Leaders & Entrepreneurs, to Consciously Design their Personal & Professional Well-being, using the Signature Interconnected Star System™

Personal Accountability, Engaging Process & Real Transformation. That's a promise! 😊

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My Mission


is to Optimize Leaders' Lives and in turn help them Use their Influence to Build Healthier Organizations, Teams, Businesses, Families & Communities -- creating a Ripple Effect of Transformation.


By offering Experiential Learning, using the Signature Interconnected Star system™, solutions are Fun, Empowering, Tailored-made, Easy to Implement & provide Enduring Results.

This is NOT for Everyone...

Who is this NOT for?

  • Dislike Honest Constructive Feedback
  • Stuck in Victim Mentality
  • Know it all & Self-righteous 
  • Not willing to Remove the Mask & be Vulnerable
  • Hopeless & Reckless
  • Skeptical & Chronic Worriers
  • Judgmental & Disrespectful
  • Risk Adverse
  • Quitters
  • Looking for Superficial Solution

Who is this for?

  • Open to Expand Thinking
  • Open to Clarifying Values
  • Open to Taking Bold Action
  • Open to Taking Risks
  • Open to Asking for & Receiving Feedback
  • Open to Unorthodox Approach
  • Views Learning as a High Priority
  • Believes in Possibility
  • Willing to Explore what is Holding Back
  • Willing to Adopt New Behaviors 
  • Willing to Test Beliefs & Let Go of ones that are not Serving
  • Willing to Engage in Introspection
  • Willing to do the Challenging, Incremental work
  • Willing to be held accountable & Invest in Self

It's not about "if" Life happens, but "when" it happens!


Are you Prepared?

Prepared Enough to face Anything that comes along your way, without Losing Health, Wealth, Grace & Sanity?

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