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Coaching is holding up the mirror and giving voice to the unheard





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Did you know?





Only 20% of adults have a strong sense of purpose & are fully satisfied with their lives, as per CDC





40% of adults reported they are struggling with mental health or substance use, as per CDC





85% of employees are not engaged or are actively disengaged at work, which amounts to approximately $7 trillion in lost productivity, as per the State of the Global Workplace report





83% of organizations say it is important to develop leaders at all levels, but only 5% have fully implemented development programs, as per the State of Leadership Development Study





Only 22% of U.S. employees strongly agree that their company's leaders have a clear direction for their organization, as per the State of the American Workplace report





The cost of replacing an employee is about 20% of their salary and for highly skilled executives, that number jumps to 213%, as per the Center for American Progress





Why Coaching?


Help with Toxic work environments, inability to influence & express authentically, making tough decisions, failing relationships, dying aspiration for making a real difference & leaving a legacy, unfulfilled dreams & desires are keeping you up at night, holding you back, and leading to all kinds of health consequences.

✖️ Typically relied upon piecemeal approach is crumbling.

✖️ Fitting-in & following the herd are no longer fulfilling & profitable.

✖️ Impulsively buying developmental training, self-care products & services are simply ineffective.

✖️ The constant buzz about cutting edge research & discoveries seems futile. 

✖️ Lack of clarity & doing everything at the surface level is making you feel empty & meaningless.

✖️ Wanting a solution before taking the time to understand the real problem is risking disasters.

The effects of anger, frustration, depression, impatience, mental & physical fatigue, loss of interest, dreading goals & events, increasing anxiety & panic, self-medication, nightmares, overworking, not taking timely action are consequences too expensive to overlook.





Why hire Radha?


A lot of information is out there...but who can I trust? What will work?

Do I have the time to keep trying? Or do I want to streamline my learning curve & more importantly spend time mastering rather than just exploring, so I can truly reap the rewards I crave?

Let's admit it -- forming new habits or behaviors is simply hard. Not knowing your blind spots, distractions, crippling fears & limiting beliefs adds to the complexity.

Figuring out what you genuinely want, how to get to that next level & even if you do -- will it bring lasting happiness? It's like finding a needle in a haystack!

I know what you are going through & can help 🎯 Read my story here.

In addition to accountability, psychologically safe space & a customized integrated approach, I'm committed to providing better quality, high-value results that are faster & long-lasting.

Beyond being an ICF Certified Executive Leadership Performance Coach, Well-being Strategist & Consultant, I also take my role of a Co-creator, Transfromationalist & Care partner wholeheartedly.

My sole focus is you & your success!





What are the Guiding Principles?



What is the Process?


The Interconnected Star System™ (ISS) is a Simple, Intuitive, Repeatable Powerful Process that provides a Framework for an Individual or an Organization to Consciously Design and Transform their Vision into Reality. 

It is a Signature Hybrid Process based on Modern Neuroscience, Ancient Wisdom, Biomimicry (nature-inspired), Spirituality & Applied Experiences.

And starts with Creating Manageable Targets that Build Confidence & Lead to Incremental Transformation with Least Disruption.

Structured in three Easy actionable steps:




1. Clarify







2. Simplify







3. Amplify







What’s in it for me?


I know...I know...more than Coaching you are interested in the solution & how it works for you!

How does Living & Leading on your own terms sound to you? 😇 

This allows you to have:

✓ More Clarity & Self-awareness in all areas of life.
✓ Emotional self-mastery for increased Influence & Impact.
✓ Deep understanding of Human dynamics for improved empathy & connections.
✓ Refining Personal & Professional performance.
✓ Better decision making & effective implementation of strategies.
✓ Being more authentic & leveraging interdependence.
✓ Gaining more work & life satisfaction.
✓ Contributing more effectively to the team/organization & flexing creative innovative muscle.
✓ Taking greater responsibility and accountability for all actions & commitments.
✓ Communicating more effectively & be productive.
✓ Turning vision, goals & intentions into measurable achievable results.
✓ And more...





What do I need to do?





1. Schedule your Call 

During this 15 min. call we will explore your Goals, Plans & Context -- consider the most suitable option & mutually assess our fit!





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2. Select your Program

If it's a good fit, select a Program that best suits your Needs & Goals





3. Get Started

Once you have enrolled in the Program, you are all set & ready to Consciously Build a Life that you want!





Frequently Asked Questions





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For things to change you must change. Change is an inside job.





...still unsure? 

No worries, I got you covered with a risk-free 100% money-back guarantee.

Not only do I know the programs work, but my life depends on it to work. Literally! Read my story here

The call is free to schedule & there’s no risk or obligation.

For TRANSFORM Coaching -- receive a full refund if you aren’t 100% satisfied with our first Strategy /Kick-off call.

I don’t want your money if you are not happy.





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The Biggest Risk is Not Taking One!





Looking for more...




Gary Anzalone

Principal, Razor Consulting Inc., New York

"Radha as a coach facilitates break downs of internal barriers that allow me to see & be different.

She really encourages me to think outside box & trust the process by being.

Her most noteworthy offering is that she holds me accountable, actively listens & genuinely cares about my transformation."




Rebecca Fenton 

Sustainable Building & Facilities Manager, New York

"Radha is incredibly effective. In 20 minutes, she got me to untangle my personal mission vs my business plan - and how they relate.

It was a lively, challenging, and FUN session. We got more done on that call than I did in a week by myself.

Radha has a refreshing combination of warmth, humor, critical thinking, and grit.

She's tough because she REALLY wants you to succeed, but she also makes you feel fully supported every step of the way. I highly recommend her!"




Savon Huggins

Founder & CEO, DOWIT Inc., New Jersey

"Radha helped me gain clarity in my purpose as I continue to better myself as an individual & my business.

She empowered me to acknowledge my flaws & the things I am really good at and work on them on a daily basis.

Radha holds me accountable & I have developed a level of trust with her that has allowed me to be vulnerable. 

Coming to her I was just expecting to get 1% better, but I had no clue how much more I needed to discover about myself."




Kathylka Gonzalez

CEO & Senior Architect, Dominican Republic

"A conversation with Radha is an eye-opener moment.

I connected with her immediately and she helped me get clarity on how to deliver my message to the world.

Radha is so passionate & real because she speaks from her own experience.

She knows how to listen & summarize so accurately that what I was missing was right there in front of me but I didn't realize it.

Thank you is not enough!"




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During this 30 min. call we will explore your Goals, Plans & Context -- to consider most suitable option & mutually assess our fit!