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Helping Executives & Entrepreneurs to Create Quantum Leaps with strategies that Leverage the power of Transformation as a Skill to Achieve 10X Results



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Why work with Radha?


It's not about Knowing or Doing "More"


It's not even about Knowing "How-to?"


But it's all about Knowing what will make it Stick and Suit your "Individual Needs"



And that’s the Gap I help you Bridge 🎯

High-impact | High-value | High-touch


But don't take my word for it...


Gary Anzalone

Principal, Razor Consulting Inc., New York

"Radha as a coach facilitates break downs of internal barriers that allow me to see & be different.

She really encourages me to think outside box & trust the process by being.

Her most noteworthy offering is that she holds me accountable, actively listens & genuinely cares about my transformation"


Rebecca Fenton 

Sustainable Building & Facilities Manager, New York

"Radha is incredibly effective. In 20 minutes, she got me to untangle my personal mission vs my business plan - and how they relate.

It was a lively, challenging, and FUN session. We got more done on that call than I did in a week by myself.

Radha has a refreshing combination of warmth, humor, critical thinking, and grit.

She's tough because she REALLY wants you to succeed, but she also makes you feel fully supported every step of the way. I highly recommend her!"


Savon Huggins

Founder & CEO, DOWIT Inc., New Jersey

"Radha helped me gain clarity in my purpose as I continue to better myself as an individual & my business.

She empowered me to acknowledge my flaws & the things I am really good at and work on them on a daily basis.

Radha holds me accountable & I have developed a level of trust with her that has allowed me to be vulnerable. 

Coming to her I was just expecting to get 1% better, but I had no clue how much more I needed to discover about myself"



Hey, I'm Radha!

First & foremost…a human BEING 😊

Your Care partner who is dedicated to helping you Excel in both Personal & Professional Life!

The Transformist, Growth Catalyst, Keynote Speaker, Budding Author, and ICF Certified Executive Leadership Coach & Consultant.

Armed with 20+ years of corporate success at Independent & Fortune 500 Companies, in diverse design & leadership roles.

Founder & CEO of vikAratva – a boutique Coaching & Consulting Firm that Specializes in Transformational Leadership and Authentic Vulnerability.

Eleven years ago, I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer & was given 30 days to live. During the same 1-½ year period...



Who do I serve?


Success-oriented Executives, Entrepreneurs & their Organizations who are:

  • Interested in Maximizing ROI on Human Assets (aka. Employees) and their Individual Investment of Time & Energy
  • Struggling to get Agreement on Decisions and Follow-through on Plans
  • Overwhelmed, Stressed, wanting to Develop Sustainable Breakthroughs to Improve Performance
  • Frustrated, Embarrassed, Scared of Wasting Time and Paralyzed by the Fear of Being Stuck or Failing
  • Longing for Healthy Work-Life Balance, Happy and Satisfied Employees & Customers
  • Willing & Committed to doing Deep Soul-stirring Emotional and Behavior Change Work


What is the Process?


The Interconnected Star System™ (ISS) is a Simple, Intuitive, Repeatable Powerful Process that provides a Framework for an Individual or an Organization to Consciously Design and Transform their Vision into Reality. 

It is a Signature Hybrid Process based on Modern Neuroscience, Ancient Wisdom, Biomimicry (nature-inspired), Spirituality & Applied Experiences.

And starts with Creating Manageable Targets that Build Confidence & Lead to Incremental Transformation with Least Disruption.

Structured in three Easy Actionable Steps:


 1. Clarify



 2. Simplify



 3. Amplify



Here's how I can help...



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